Monday, October 29, 2007

Out and about

Sunset over Haystack
Thursday evening I set out to take some photos of October's full harvest moon, which usually rises larger than at most other times of the year. As the harvest moon rises early in the evening, it looks larger than usual because it is magnified by the atmosphere.
Oddly enough, though, the moon rose in fog and clouds - big, but not clear enough for photographs. On the other side of the valley, however, there was this nice post-sunset view. Interestingly, not all of the color was visible to the naked eye. The camera was able to make better light adjustment than the human eye, and captured more color, both in the sky and in the cloud. I think it looks like there might be a volcano just over the horizon.

Route 7 Gorilla

I snapped the next two photos on a trip to Burlington via Route 7. The gorilla is located at a used car lot north of Rutland. A beautiful example of roadside marketing kitsch.

On fire

The foliage along Route 7 was phenomenal last week.

Other side of the fence

By request: more cows.


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Anonymous said...

I want to snuggle this cow.