Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Guest Photographer

This series of images were taken by local photographer Tiido Tennelo. Tennelo's photography is well known around the valley, and appears on a number of local websites.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Abbot Road & Ames Hill

I like the contrast between the colorful barn, sided with pieces of scrap metal, and the dull winter countryside. This was taken on a gray, overcast day, so when I processed the photo on my computer I boosted the saturation to enhance the colors on the building.
It's difficult to see clearly, but the end of the barn seems to have collapsed, leaving the little cupola to appear almost suspended out over nothingness.

This photo appeared in the print edition of The Deerfield Valley News, but I thought it was too good not to include here on iSquangle, too.

Somewhere in Marlboro

Brattleboro Churches

I like the blue face on the clock - it seems like a whimsical splash of color on the otherwise traditional white church.

A trio of Gothic windows

The style of this arch is mirrored in the wndow


The entrance of the Old Red Mill in Wilmington, after a recent snowfall

Snowmobile Rescue

These photos are from a recent snowmobile rescue in Somerset. As snowmobiling continues to gain popularity, local rescue units are called to more off-road winter accidents every year. Crowded trails, inexperienced riders, sudden changes in weather and trail conditions, and a lack of familiarity with the area, may be contributing factors to the increase in snowmobiling accidents. The snowmobile club in the tiny town of Woodford, just to the south and west of Somerset, is the largest such club in the country.
This accident occured on the Glastonbury road, a remote area of an already remote part of the Green Mountain National Forest.
The Wilmington Fire Rescue Sled Team was called in to remove the patient from the scene of the accident to the ambulance waiting on the main Somerset road. Fire rescue EMTs provide patient evaluation and care at the scene.
The sled team gets ready to head out on the trail, with rescue litter in tow.

The rescue litter is covered to protect the patient from snow and cold wind.

Returing from the scene of the accident, patient in tow.

Fire rescue personnel prepare to move the patient to the ambulance for tranpsort to the local hospital.