Monday, August 13, 2007

A new start.

If anyone is still looking at iSquangle (hey, post a message, and let me know you're out there, would you?) you may notice that I've deleted a few posts. The bears, as wonderful as they are, took up too much of my time. And, as a result, I ended up abandoning iSquangle.
I'm taking iSquangle back to its original purpose - as an outlet for my photography and a showcase for what makes Southern Vermont a great place to live or visit.

Here are a few photos to get started with. These were taken several weeks ago on Shearer Hill. I was on my way home from an evening meeting of the Halifax and Whitingham school boards. I've been over this road a thousand times and, although this particular farm is always one of the visual highlights, I had never seen it like this, shrouded in mist.

If you look at the photo files closely, you can see a lot of "noise" in them. That's because I had my camera set at ISO 3200, and the mist was quite thick and reflective.