Monday, August 13, 2007

A new start.

If anyone is still looking at iSquangle (hey, post a message, and let me know you're out there, would you?) you may notice that I've deleted a few posts. The bears, as wonderful as they are, took up too much of my time. And, as a result, I ended up abandoning iSquangle.
I'm taking iSquangle back to its original purpose - as an outlet for my photography and a showcase for what makes Southern Vermont a great place to live or visit.

Here are a few photos to get started with. These were taken several weeks ago on Shearer Hill. I was on my way home from an evening meeting of the Halifax and Whitingham school boards. I've been over this road a thousand times and, although this particular farm is always one of the visual highlights, I had never seen it like this, shrouded in mist.

If you look at the photo files closely, you can see a lot of "noise" in them. That's because I had my camera set at ISO 3200, and the mist was quite thick and reflective.


Elizzabetty said...

Hey--I'm out here! I read, and you're even in my Bloglines. Keep up the great photos!

Mike Eldred said...

Thanks! Nice to know I'm not posting to the ether...

KLJ said...

Mike! Don't give up. We're out here checking Isquangle and emailing the link to others. Thanks for keeping the blog interesting. Love your great pictures.

Tracey said...

I'm here, and I'm happy to see you posting again!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hey, I'm out here too. Stuck down here in Philadelphia. I enjoy visiting iSquangle all the time. It's a great site when you're day dreaming about life outside the city.

I was wondering where the bears went. Please keep up the postings, Great Work.

Thanks and Greetings!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike!

I love to look at your photos and postings. Keep up the good work!

Was the Luna moth photo yours? Would love to see that again.


Lori said...

So glad to see you posting again! Love your photos!