Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Moon over Dover

Not quite full. 31 January 2007

I'm notorious for taking photographs of the moon. It's a compulsion. A sickness. People laugh at me. I just can't help myself.


A water-worn log protrudes from the ice on Harriman Reservoir

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Power of the past

Rivets adorn the boiler of a turn-of-the-century steam engine.
Route 100 south, Wilmington.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ice trails on glass

Frost on the windshield

Saturday, January 20, 2007


The Red Mill, Wilmington.
Snow finally fell on the valley after one the longest snow droughts in recent memory. The Friday evening "storm" dropped three to four inches on the area.
Skiers and snowmobilers will, no doubt, be relieved at the return to more seasonable weather.
Snow clings to a windowsill


Snow fills the hollow of a tree.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

More photos from this week's ice storm

This week's ice storm wreaked havoc on the area, causing hardship for many local residents left without power for days. But few could deny a sense of awe when standing in the middle of a landscape transformed into a crystaline wonderland.
Allard Road, Whitingham

Ice coated branch illuminated by the sun. Allard Road

Wilmington Cross Road, Whitingham

State highway department clearing Route 100 of debris. Whitingham

Branches laden with ice along Route 100 in Wilmington.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Breaking news: Twin Valley budget passes

Wilmington and Whitingham voters passed the Twin Valley budget of $5,193,341 by wide margin Wednesday evening. Unofficial results for Wilmington: 110 in favor, 76 opposed. In Whitingham, 76 voters approved the budget, and 43 were opposed.
The budget vote was the first held under an ammendment to the joint contract approved last year that required an Australian ballot.

Valley struggles to recover from ice storm

Jacksonville, Halifax, and surrounding areas are still struggling to clear roads and regain electrical service after an ice storm hit the area Monday night. As temperatures dipped below zero early Wednesday morning, some areas had been without power since about 10 pm Monday evening.
Barbed wire on Wilmington Cross Road.
While utility companies work to clear power and phone lines of tree limbs, state and local road crews are scrambling to clear roadways of debris from downed trees.

Trees strain under the weight of the ice on Route 100 Wednesday morning.

By Tuesday evening, 300 to 400 homes were still without power. During the late night and early morning hours, power was regained, lost, and regained again in several areas in the valley.

Apple tree on Wilmington Cross Road.

Whitingham maintained the municipal center in Jacksonville as a shelter throughout the night, but town clerk Almira Aekus says no one sought refuge. Anyone who needs emergency assistance or shelter can call the Red Cross at (800)288-3554 (802) 442-9458, or call their local fire department for more information.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice Storm

It is a drippy, dreary, and icy Martin Luther King Day in the Deerfield Valley. When I went to leave for work I was greeted by
a car completely encased in ice. But, with a little defrosting and a lot of scraping, I managed to slither up Route 100 to get to work.

As the day progresses, we're being taunted by flickering lights - a warning that we probably will, eventually, lose electrical power.

The trees, bushes, and power lines are laden with wet, heavy ice.