Monday, January 15, 2007

Ice Storm

It is a drippy, dreary, and icy Martin Luther King Day in the Deerfield Valley. When I went to leave for work I was greeted by
a car completely encased in ice. But, with a little defrosting and a lot of scraping, I managed to slither up Route 100 to get to work.

As the day progresses, we're being taunted by flickering lights - a warning that we probably will, eventually, lose electrical power.

The trees, bushes, and power lines are laden with wet, heavy ice.

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vicki capitani said...

The storm left it's mark. Power was out in part of the area for 12 hours and still out in other areas 20 hours later. With the forecast of really cold weather coming tonight, one can only pray the power companies (particulary CVPS) gets the job done today.