Friday, October 12, 2007

Rainy foliage season

This year's foliage season has been a little off kilter - an early cool spell gave way to a very warm fall, and it seemed to keep the trees green longer than usual. By Columbus day weekend, the colors were just beginning to turn. Now, it has rained for the past week - during peak foliage.
Sometimes rain during foliage season is a disaster - hard rain will knock the leaves right off the tree. Depending on when it rains, it seems to destroy the color, turning all the leaves brown.
So we were lucky that this week's rain fell light and misty. I love rainy, misty days - and that kind of weather is quickly becoming one of my favorite times to take pictures.

It's probably boring to keep taking photos of the same place, the Wheeler Farm here in Wilmington, but I pass by it several times a day - and when you see the picture, or the right combination of colors, or the right light, it's hard not to stop and capture it.

This was shot right across the street from the Deerfield Valley News. I wanted to fill the frame with color.


Anonymous said...

Not boring at all...B-E-A-you-tee-full. Like I said before, the farm should start charging for photos with a landscape as picturesque as theirs.

Tracey in CT said...

Beautiful pictures, Mike. Thank you.
We've had two lovely weekends in Wilmington, but I'll be glad for the next few weeks when there isn't so much traffic!!!