Thursday, September 13, 2007

Early morning, post rain

After weeks of dry weather, the recent rain greened things up around the valley. A mist was rising along the Deerfield River and the Wheeler Farm early this morning (well, 7 am is early for me). On this morning's drive, the Deerfield Valley reminded me a little bit of Ireland, my once and future home: cool, damp, and a thousand shades of green.

The fresh green of the field contrasts nicely with the red barn.

The angle of the sun was such that the sun struck the cows, but left the trees in shadow.

Mist rising off the hillside

The sun glinting off the silos.

Mist rising off the Deerfield.


Anonymous said...

You can almost smell the country air in these new shots. Ahh - very lush. Thanks for the new background wallpaper.

Small request - more cow photos if you come across them, everyone likes cows.

Regarding the stars, must be nice. Here in Philly we can't see them.

Greetings Mike!

Anonymous said...

Wow! You never showed me this series of pictures! I am stunned. I especially love the sun shining on the bovine.